Khajiit Corpses Strewn in Snow

from by Tamriel

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I am the master slayer
Hired-contract killer
I employ the shadows of Riften to do my bidding

Invisible, I lie in wait
Swiftly annihilating my target
Jugular vein severed by ebony
The work of the Brotherhood; no questions are asked

Revered and feared by all
I listen for my Mother's call
Relentless and brutal, pleasure in butchery
Savouring the taste of Mer blood
I relish a kill in the silence of night
Skin of the victim may be worn
Masquerading in Orsimer flesh
The pleasure of the kill

Khajiit thief on the roads of the Eastmarch
Fate will swiftly be met
Pleasure in a slow, merciless kill
I batter the bitch to the floor

Digging out her face with Mehrune's razor
My pleasure is met by her screams
I rapidly stab her jugular vein
And stamp her head into the dirt

I loot her for skooma and strip her of clothing
A battered and bloody bitch wasted on the road
I drag her carcass to the outskirts of Windhelm
And bury her under the snow

I am the master assailant
The Brotherhood serves me well
My mastery is feared through the nine holds of Skyrim
Titus Mede shall feel my wrath


from Blood and Ebony EP, released May 18, 2012



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